Hip Hop Harry is the main titular character in the show, Hip Hop Harry. He is voiced by Ali Alimi and suit performed by David Joyner.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hip Hop Harry is an anthropomorphic yellow furry bear with a red shirt, blue hat, blue baggy jeans, a gold chain with a "H" in the middle, and white shoes with a "H" on each side. He also has a blue and red wrist watch. It was noted that his birthday was January 22.

Personality Edit

Enthusiastic, positive and adaptable, Hip Hop Harry is extremely creative and goes with the flow. He loves to Rap and joke around. He loves pop culture and readily accepts opportunities to widen his social group. Hip Hop Harry is always openly playful and affectionate. 

Social Media Edit

Since 2017, Harry has been active on loads of social media including a popular YouTube channel and Instagram.